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Quick N Dirty Bootcamp

Footwork. Whether you're a football, basketball, soccer or lacrosse player, fast feet are essential to your success in the game. The Quick N Dirty Bootcamp is an intense hour of footwork and agility training for athletes at any position or sport, aimed to develop an instinctive response on the field of play. QDB is designed to help the athlete expertly maneuver transition movements through multiple drills that will put their feet to the fire, literally.


Athletes will develop quick reaction and muscle memory through training that focuses on mechanics, footwork, hip movement, cuts, shuffles, breaks, quick twitches and rapid change of direction.  


QDB training sessions consist of the following:


  • Pre-Heat (Stretch/Dynamic Warm-Up)

  • Footloose (Footwork Warm-Up)

  • C.O.D. (Change of Direction) 

  • The Breaks (Speed/Explosive Drills)

  • SMOKE (Multi-Functional Movement Drills)

  • FIRE (Intense Mix of Combination Drills)

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