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Skills N Drills Institute offers personal agility training and instruction focusing on techniques and fundamentals. 


Skills n Drills Institute will emphasize proper footwork as we strive to develop good habits with every movement. We work to

eliminate false steps and wasted movements, which lead to improper positioning and bad habits. Each training session focuses on key areas as they pertain to the position, with technique as the focus of every drill. The power of proper technique cannot be understated, as this will sustain you at every level of the game in your respective sport. Proper technique can compensate for areas of athletic deficiency in some cases. You may not be the fastest, but in the right position, you can successfully make the play. Many of football’s greats with longevity at the professional level were the most technically sound athletes ever to play the game.


We offer training programs that will not only take the athlete through different movements, but takes a deep dive into the methodology and strategy in the game of play – what they are doing, why they are doing it and how it applies to their

position on the football field. The goal is to get the athlete to think independently and intuitively while developing muscle memory for their position. This cultivates an athlete that is more fluid at their position with natural movements. We also focus

on nuances of the position and field awareness so the athlete can quickly assess

things like:


  • What are my coverage responsibilities?

  • What’s the outside linebacker doing?

  • What’s the rest of the secondary doing?

  • Where is my help? Do I have help?

  • When/where can I take chances?

We will also focus on strategies and knowledge of your opponent:

  • How do I scout an opponent?

  • What are their tendencies?

  • What do I need to look for?

  • What keys or indicators should I be studying?

Our motto is simple – REFINE. ELEVATE. DOMINATE. 

We work to REFINE your technique to ELEVATE your skillset so you can DOMINATE at your position.

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