The Academy

The Academy is a comprehensive 8-week position training program that explores multiple facets of real-time game scenarios, and technical position concepts. Live demonstration and periodic instruction are the core of the Academy's operating rhythm to ensure the athlete understands the movements, techniques, and how that translates to the field of play and overall football IQ. The Academy consists of 2 hours of training per week.


Each Academy consists of proper stance and start, footwork, agility and fluid hip movement drills, with specifications for each respective position.





The Running Back Academy

  • ​​Cutting

  • Transitioning In and Out of Traffic

  • Vision

  • Ball Handling


The Wide Receiver Academy

  • ​​Route Running

  • Transitions In and Out of Breaks

  • Catching

The Defensive Back Academy

  • ​​Backpedaling and Transitions

  • Pre-Snap Reads

  • Route Recognition

  • Man and Zone Coverage Principles



The Linebacker Academy​​

  • Reading, Reacting and Redirecting​

  • Transitions​